World Health Day: The Many Health Benefits Of Beer
World Health Day: The Many Health Benefits Of Beer

A pint after work is far from being harmful.

Be warned, too much of anything is bad, and we’ve seen people do many regrettable things after having way too much beer. That said, beer does have certain health benefits associated to it, and a pint after work did no one any harm. In fact, it’s as healthy as eating a carrot.


Read on.


It Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases


As it is, leading a sedentary lifestyle means that you are risking a heart attack (or other cardiac issues) at some point in your life. While exercise is the golden way to prevent this, studies have shown that beer in moderation is good for your heart too. 


Makes You Smarter


Yes, believe it or not, but a study published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition showed that people who are a little buzzed with beer are slightly better at solving puzzles than those who are completely sober. So now you know, why a little beer helps you have smarter and wittier conversations. 


Prevents Kidney Stones


Kidney stones are painful. Ask anyone who has had one. Yes, drinking water works like a charm but you can also have a pint of beer. The scientists in Finland found that drinking beer daily (not more than a bottle) reduces your risk of developing kidney stones by a mammoth 40%. 


Helps You Recover After A Tough Workout


You should definitely try this hack. A pint after a workout works like charm in making sure that you don’t feel so much pain, and hell, it’s a nice reward for all the hardwork. That said, don’t skip the protein shake. Instead, you can skip that sugary sports drink.


Some Other Benefits


Other than these, beer is also been proven to boost your immunity, help prevent cancer, be good for your skin and eyes and keep type 2 diabetes at bay. So yes, a beer a day, keeps the doctor away. That won’t be a wrong thing to say. 

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