This is how messy a big fat Indian wedding actually is

This new web series is probably the most honest portrayal of what Indian weddings are becoming. Behold the future of shaadi and barbaadi.

Boy and Girl are casually canoodling in bed while the parents have landed in the city to meet the couple for the first time – and the wedding is in three days. Culture shock? You got it. With Y-Films’ Bang baaja Baaraat, we get a glimpse of how weddings have actually changed around us. How marriages might not be an “arranged” situation for the couple but rather an uncomfortable coming-to-terms for the families. How do you warm up to complete strangers and make them a part of your family in three days? How do you swallow your ego, pride and protests? How do you refrain from disagreeing?


Starring the handsome Ali Fazal and theatre veterans like Rajat Kapoor and Shernaz Patel, BBB might be a comedy at the face of it, but it is quite a novel commentary on how societal structures have changed in urban India. The first episode opens with an ominous “Fuck You!” and then goes on to introduce a bunch of crazy characters whom the bride and groom have to tackle. Will they survive this horror fest? And yes, the age old question – will love survive? Let’s hope this web series turns out to be as crackling as their last one.

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