All India Bakchod is known for doing hilarious sketches – be it the one called The Times Of Boobs or Alia Bhatt’s Genius Of The Year.

In their latest series called Honest Engineering Campus Placements, AIB has once again delivered a masterpiece that drives home the sorry plight of engineering students in our country. The best thing about the series is a three-minute monologue at the end, that is somewhat reminiscent of Justin Long’s monologue in Accepted.

A guy called Average Mishra delivers the monologue in Hindi, with some English sentences thrown in. It’s a rant against the society, which has made students think that engineering is the only route to happiness in life.

A lot of it is true, and coming from a conservative middle class family myself, I was expected to get into engineering too. Thankfully, my performance in Science and Maths wasn’t impressive, and I figured that studying these things will only lead to my doom. So I chose Commerce after my 10th, and studied journalism after 12th. Some of my friends weren’t as lucky, and choosing Engineering resulted in year backs and a lot of frustration.

It’s not that I have anything against engineering. It’s one of the most important streams and it’s critical for human civilization in current times. My own brother is also an engineer, and he is doing quite well for himself. But then, my brother was always interested in Physics and Maths. There was no pressure on him to do engineering, he chose it because he liked it. Not every engineer in this country, is fortunate to have such a nice life. And it’s time that we as a society realized that. It’s possible to make a livelihood through other means too – and hard work in any field can get you far. On the contrary, taking up engineering and slacking is a sure shot recipe for disaster and frustration.