Weird Jobs Around The World You Won't Believe Actually Exist
Weird Jobs Around The World You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

If you think your job is boring, try switching to these.

Some people get paid to do some weird jobs across the globe. And if you think your job is boring, you can try switching to these to break the monotony of your everyday nine-to-five life. Here’s taking a look at some weird jobs you’ll be surprised to know exist across the globe. 


Oshiya (People pushers)


If you think you have a strong built and were looking out for a job that will help you test your endurance, here’s something interesting for you. In Japan, believe it or not, professional pushers are hired especially during rush hour and they are responsible to shove people into trains. 


Professional Mourners


This was an ancient practice that still exists in the Middle East, China and Africa where men and women receive cash and kind in exchange for mourning. The UK also has special website which supplies “professional, discreet people to attend funerals and wakes. If you simply need to increase visitor numbers or introduce new faces, we can help,” according to their website.


Professional Snugglers (Cuddle Cafes)


This trend is extremely popular in Japan where you can indulge in snuggle sessions with strangers (real people). Yes, we aren’t kidding.


Dog Food Taster


Dog food tasters are hired by pet food companies in order to test the quality of their products. Of course, those who work as dog food tasters are required to taste the food and spit it out later.


Professional Line Standers


Those of you affected by demonetization (everyone) must have come across Book My Chotu, where they offered to stand in the long queues until your number comes. This is also an upcoming profession across the globe where line-standers earn big bucks, especially during product launches and other big sales.


Rental boyfriend 


Another Japan thing, if you were wondering where this cropped up from. In Tokyo, if you have money, then renting a boyfriend is pretty easy. So if you’re not dating anyone (since this may affect your dating life), this is definitely the ideal job that you were always looking out for. 

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