What's In Store For The Star Of Netflix’s 'Inventing Anna'? Let's Find Out
Here’s What Anna Delvey, The Star Of Netflix’s New True Crime Series, Is Upto

A new documentary, a book and a possible collab with Julia Fox are some of the things keeping Anna Sorokin busy

Netflix’s Inventing Anna introduced us to Anna Sorokin aka Anna Delvey, a fake German “heiress” who seemingly lived a perfect globe-trotting life, with trips on private jets to parties in boutique hotels.


But underneath the facade, the then-25-year-old was scamming hundreds and thousands of dollars from the elite, all with the pretext of paying them back. But she never did. Sorokin’s house of cards came crashing down in 2017 when she was arrested for defrauding banks and failing to pay hefty hotel bills.

All of this was covered in Shonda Rhimes-created series titled Inventing Anna. That said, if you’ve just binge-watched the show and are wondering Anna is up to now, we’ve got some answers.

Deal with Netflix

According to Insider, the streaming platform cut her a cheque of $320,000 for the rights. Out of which, so far $199,000 has gone in restitution to pay her victims back, around $24,000 in state fines, and another $75,000 have gone in attorney fees.


In custody, again

Anna was released from jail in February 2021, after serving four years of her 12-year sentence. During her parole hearing at the time, Anna said: “I just want to say that I’m really ashamed and I’m really sorry for what I did.”

“I completely understand that a lot of people suffered when I thought I was not doing anything wrong,” she added.

But her freedom lasted only for a year before she was back in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), for overstaying her visa.

Making her own documentary

Anna will be pairing up with Bumin/Murray Productions, the creators of Surviving R. Kelly to make her own documentary series. For this, she will receive additional compensation from the production house, which will be delivered to her via escrow and monitored by the OVS.

The new documentary will focus on Anna’s life outside of the prison, fighting both spotlight and deportation. Michael Driscoll, head of development for Bunim/Murray Productions, said “Anna’s story is very much alive and still unfolding as we speak.

“We’ve been developing this project with her for months now — and spent countless hours on the phone and video calls with her. She is a complicated and fascinating character, and we are looking forward to telling the next chapter of her ever-evolving tale.”

Working on a book and a podcast

Anna has kept herself busy in the lock-up. The 31-year old shared that she’s been working on a book and a podcast about her time in jail, saying “I’m not trying to encourage people to commit crimes. I’m just trying to shed light on how I made the best out of my situation, without trying to glorify it. This is what I’m creating out of that story.”

She is also said to be close to model and actress Julia Fox, who was recently dating Kanye West.

We have a similar sense of humor. She was never judgmental, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. She has lots of interesting creative projects going on, and I feel like the media is not doing her justice talking about her dating life. We are actually working on a little something together,” she said about their relationship.

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