Will The Millennials Be Cooler Parents?
Will The Millennials Be Cooler Parents?

Here are the reasons why we think millennials will rock it when it comes to parenting.

Young, unattached, internet savvy and socially aware (and maybe a little confused); these are the things that will come to mind when you’re describing a millennial. A lot has been said how millennials are the most tolerant of the lot and, with the advent of social media, are socially aware and know a great deal about the happenings in the world. Millennials are often credited with being a little more broad-minded and are keen towards liberation and freedom which makes us think: are the millennials going to be the best parents ever? And well, the answer is: yes!


Here are the reasons why we think millennials will rock it when it comes to parenting and how millennial kids might just be tad too lucky.


Feminist parents 


A great number of millennials are embracing feminism (including men) and that’s a good thing. We may as well have a future when the “boys will be boys” phrase may run its course and be eliminated altogether. Well, this is wishful thinking, of course.




There are a lot of surveys that have concluded how millennials are sometimes the most confused of the lot when it comes to choosing their careers or even their life partners. So it is natural how the very same millennials may be a lot more tolerant towards their children and may let them decide what they want to do, instead of imposing their wills on to them. That also includes their liberal stance towards race, colour and sexuality.


Rebellion is good 


Every millennial knows how a little rebellion is actually great for your mind and growth and we’ve all been there, done that. Millennials might just turn out to be the cool parents who won’t impose a regimented lifestyle on to the kids (like our parents did).


Family trips to Kasol


Well, expect family trips to Kasol, which might just become another fad for millennial families because, well, obviously.


We think millennials would be the coolest parents, ever. Don’t you think so too?

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