Himanshu Malik of Khwaish fame is back. He can be seen in a ‘blink and miss’ appearance in HRX’s latest advertisement, which has Hrithik Roshan playing motivational guru. We could not believe our eyes when we saw the ad, and had our doubts. But, after taking opinions from a few people, we were sure that it’s the same guy.

As an actor, Himanshu was horrible and it was really fortunate on his part to do the number of films that he did. You might remember him from a Tum Bin song (Suru Ru), that became quite popular. Also, if you are (or were) a Mallika Sherawat fan, you will remember the many kissing scenes that he was part of in Khwaish.

We tried reaching out to him, but couldn’t find him on social media. There was an account but it had very little followers and wasn’t verified, so we are assuming that it is fake. Yes, there are people in this world jobless enough to create fake accounts of Himanshu Malik.

Himanshu did his last film (Yamla, Pagla, Deewana) in 2011, where he played Tejinder. Since then, we have had no idea about his whereabouts, and we couldn’t care less.