How To Pick The Right Watch Strap For Your Luxury Watch
5 Things To Consider Before Buying The Right Strap For Your Luxury Watch

Looking to give your watch a makeover? All you need is that perfect watch strap and you are good to go. We help you make the right choice

Like how the right or wrong accessories can make or break your overall look, the right strap can do the same for your watches. Earlier, changing straps was a task but with the advent of interchangeable straps and exclusive quick-change systems in place, it’s now become easy and comes with a number of stylish options too.  


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It is common practice to research before you invest in getting yourself the perfect watch. However, it isn’t very common to spend time in educating oneself on the choosing the correct watch strap for your prized watches. Today, we want to change that. Here is a list of five tips that you need to keep in mind before you buy your watch straps.



Size Matters


When it comes to getting yourself the perfect watch strap, one must keep in mind that the size of a watch strap is very important. The fit of your strap is related to two factors; the length and width of the strap. For length, you can either take one of your other straps that fit your wrist snugly and take in those measurements or you can take a tape and quantity the diameter of your wrist. For the width, you will need to know the measurement between your watch’s lugs in millimetres. If that is not an option, you can always check out the information section of the watch on the brand’s website where the size of the lug width is usually mentioned. 


What is the goal?


Once you have your size in place, it is necessary to reflect on the objective of getting a particular watch strap. For this section, we can move beyond the generic goals of dressy or casual and move into the category of specificity. From using your watches for diving where leather straps would be a big no to checking the durability of a strap whilst engaging in rough activity, each of these would require a suitable watch strap. 



Material Options


Depending on your personal usage, the materials you choose for the watches will be of great value. For example, if you are looking at giving your watch a dressy approach, then a leather strap in alligator, ostrich etc would be appropriate. For sportier and tool watches, choosing the strap is more varied and fun. One can opt for a variety of strap options and materials like NATO, Bund and rubber etc. 


Design and Style


Once you have established the size and material, it is then imperative to focus on the kind of style you are looking at. From colours to design, each strap option offers a certain level of style quotient. Mixing and matching colours to choosing a monochromatic look are all subjective but offer a myriad of options. 





Last on the list is your budget. Depending on the bandwidth of your spending capability, one can choose from a variety of options. Like NATO straps are one of the most affordable and stylish options out there. Costing less than INR 500 per piece, these offer the wearer a fun and colourful bucket of options. Sitting high on the price list are leather and bracelet options that offer high-quality and exclusive materials. Thankfully, the market is brimming with options for all kinds of watch straps for every budget. 


Image Courtesy: Rolex, Hublot

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