Gucci Wonderland – The New High Watchmaking Collection
Celebrating 50 Years Of Gucci Swiss Timepieces At The Gucci Wonderland Event

Following the success of Gucci’s high watchmaking debut last year, the House presents its second series of high watchmaking collection at the Gucci Wonderland event in Geneva.

The year was 1972 when Gucci presented to the world its new horological design proposition – watches that combine Swiss technical knowhow with the best in Italian design. Since then Gucci has been steadily offering a variety of timepieces that follow the exact philosophy.


For 2022, the Florentine Luxury House marks the 50th anniversary of Gucci Swiss Timepiece with tis second series of high watchmaking collection at the Gucci Wonderland event in Geneva. The collection is inspired by a magical fairground combining the world of complications with rainbow-like gems and celestial wonders.


Gucci 25H Skeleton Tourbillon

Sleek, captivating and technically innovative, the 25H Skeleton Tourbillon comes in an 8mm thick case featuring a new Gucci exclusive caliber flying tourbillon. Because the watch is designed around the movement, it creates a fantastic illusion of the mechanics floating above the brushed and polished titanium bridges that cross the base of the dial.

The Gucci 25H Skeleton Tourbillon is made from 100% recycled gold and is available in white and yellow gold variations along with a third version in slate grey titanium with a rubber strap.

G-Timeless Planetarium

Featuring a halo of 12 princess-set gemstones circling the dial, the G-Timeless Planetarium is a pioneering addition to the high watchmaking collection. This gem-set wheel is activated via the touch of a button that allows the gemstones to rotate around the dial in a gala of light. This mechanism has been made possible with the help of a groundbreaking invention of the Dancing Hours Flying Tourbillon. It is a new Gucci exclusive caliber with a hypnotic diamond at its centre.

The G-Timeless Planetarium is offered in white, rose, or yellow-gold variations with its rotating wheel of green tsavorite, blue tanzanite, or yellow beryl gemstones.

G-Timless Moonlight

Created around the new Gucci Caliber GGV838.MP, the G-Timeless Moonlight features a dial with beautifully decorated moon waxes from gleaming silver crescent to pearlescent whole. The timepiece follows the 29.5-day lunar month and dictates its own time. It only needs to be adjusted every 360 years. The watch is available in pink and white gold case structure with a natural meteorite dial.

G-Timeless Dancing Bees

Continuing with its creation of high-end watches, Gucci introduces the G-Timeless Dancing Bees. Like the name suggest, the watch is presented with 12 bees that shimmer around the diamond-set dial as the wrist moves. The timepiece features two rare opal varieties – pink and green – to form form rectangular ‘bricks’, from which they have created a miniature chevron pattern on a mother-of-pearl dial. Each G-TIMELESS DANCING BEES marquetry edition is presented either in white-gold and yellow-gold bracelet or in alligator straps variations.

Grip Sapphire

This year, Gucci takes its signature Grip Sapphire timepieces and adds two vivid mint green variations to the mix. The first sports two laser-cut turquoise hours and minutes discs for tone-on-tone modernity, while the other showcases mauve-pink discs. Each design is fitted with a transparent mint-green rubber strap and sapphire crown.

The transparent, cushion shaped case is made from a cylinder of pure sapphire crystal that is then polished to pristine transparency. The dial houses two windows through which one can notice the hour and minutes counters that jump playfully into view.

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Image Courtesy: Gucci

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