All About 'Keeper Of Time,' The World's First Film On Watches
‘Keeper of Time’: The World’s First Feature Film About Watches Gets A Release Date

The 90-minute film explores the world of horology while thinking about the philosophy of time, aging and mortality

Taking you into the astonishing world of mechanical watchmaking is the film Keeper of Time, scheduled to premiere at 5:45pm ET on April 28th, 2022, at the SVA Theatre in New York. The film will also be live-streamed for audiences around the globe. 


The world’s first feature-length documentary is directed and produced by Michael Culyba. He has been editing documentary films in New York for over 17 years, and Keeper of Time is his directorial debut. It has taken Culyba four years to make the movie. 


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Other notable personalities involved with the project includes executive producers John Reardon (a prominent figure in watch auctions) and Eric Ku (industry expert and vintage watch dealer), co-Producer Shelby Siegel (Emmy award-winning film and television editor of The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst), Directors of Photography Ben Wolf (Obit) and Luke Geissbühler (Helvetica, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm), and Composer Max Avery-Lichtenstein (Tarnation, Jesus’ Son).


About the Film

Keeper of Time is not just a film about time or watches but explores the world of horology while thinking about the philosophy of time, aging and mortality. The 90-minute film traces Culyba’s understanding of the passage of time and the relativity of it. It tells the story of time that began with sundials, Egyptian watcher clocks and Chinese wooden dragon incense clocks to the more contemporary astronomical clocks and wristwatches. The movie also takes a look into the life, work and motivations of some of the most notable contemporary independent watchmakers such as Philippe Dufour, Roger W. Smith, François-Paul Journe, and Maximilian Büsser. 

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About The Premiere


The world premiere of the Keeper Of Time is scheduled to go live from the from the SVA Theatre in New York City on April 28th at 5:45pm ET.  All screenings will include an introduction by director Michael Culyba, and a post-screening Q&A panel discussion: ‘The Allure of Watchmaking and the Notion of Time.’

Moderated by Jack Forster (Editor-in-Chief, Hodinkee), panelists include Benjamin Clymer (Founder, Hodinkee), Michael Friedman (Head of Complications, Audemars Piguet), Gary Shteyngart (Writer/Watch Enthusiast), William Andrewes (Horologist/Sundial Architect), William Massena (Founder, Massena LAB), Brittany Nicole Cox (Antiquarian Horologist, Memoria Technica), and the film’s director Michael Culyba.

For more information about the movie, visit the official website here.

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