Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Shah Rukh Khan!
Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Shah Rukh Khan!

Backstage access at the latest Tag Heuer shoot

OK, so all you need to know is this – Shah Rukh Khan and Tag Heuer. Now go watch the video already.


You really want more information? Oh, all right. Remember the ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ Tag Heuer campaign from the 1990’s? It’s back, all sassed up and reduxed – and starring King Khan. That’s not all – he’s part of a Dream Team of stars, including Maria Sharapova, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ranbir Kapoor. The original campaign was about how success is all down to mental strength and physical capability, and how Tag Heuer watches had precisely these qualities. In this exclusive video, Shah Rukh Khan talks about being the time changer of his era, on not following rules and, of course, about how to not crack under pressure. Take notes.

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