G-Shock Unveils Their New G-Squad Series Of Fitness Watches
G-Shock Unveils Their New G-Squad Series Of Fitness Watches

The G-Squad series is focussed on running and daily fitness

Casio’s legendary G-Shock watches have always been known for their toughness, utility in all conditions and standout designs. Now, with its G-Squad series of shock-resistant fitness watches, the bar has been moved further up.



The G-Squad GBA-800 and GBD-800 are the first in the new series of watches to be released in India by Casio. It’s equipped with a 3-axis acceleration sensor, and can pair with a dedicated (and free) smartphone app – G-Shock Connected. The in-built accelerometer measures daily steps taken and your walking/running pace, displaying the steps taken on the watch. At 6 o’clock, a graph shows the step numbers, as well as the number an hour earlier. In addition, a status indicator window at the upper right corner shows the target achievement rate, using which you can motivate yourself to achieve higher step levels.







The data can be manually transferred to the app, in addition to which it is automatically transferred four times a day. Other than daily steps, the app shows you a step count graph, calories burned and your exercise intensity levels for each day, week and month. You can also have the app activate a feature that displays your step count graphically on a map, every 30 minutes.




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For interval workouts, the multi-timer function can be set for up to five different times. The time remaining, as a percentage, is indicated in the status indicator window. Auto Repeat (up to 20 times) and Auto Start are also available, alongside an announcement notice function. Of course, a 1/100-second stopwatch, capable of storing up to 200 lap-time memories, is standard. It can be used to set up to 10 target times, in order to confirm your pace.





The G-Squad watches have the G-Shock line’s incredible toughness, with a lightweight case made out of resin, which also absorbs shocks. For a precise fit, the band has 15 holes. The watches are water-resistant to 200 meters, more than most hybrid smartwatches. Available in more than six colours, the watches will pair easily with your stylish streetwear. Indeed, they’re running watches that you’ll want to wear even when you’re not running.













Displays the steps taken and calories burned. Calendar activity display, steps taken graph broken down by MET level (daily/weekly/monthly), steps taken and calories burned map display




Configure up to 20 sets of five timers. Create workouts with timers for 2 interval training




Lists recorded stopwatch data 3 and sets the target time




Easily set the dual time display choosing among some 300 cities in the world from the G-SHOCK Connected app




Automatically corrects the home and world time including adjusting for 5 daylight savings, four times per day




This function enables a smartphone alarm to be activated 6 by pressing a watch button

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