Gucci's Latest High Watchmaking Concepts 'Sound' Incredible
Gucci's Latest High Watchmaking Concepts 'Sound' Incredible

Using sound waves to tell time? Sounds impossible, but Gucci have done it — showcasing some serious out-of-the-box concepts at Watches and Wonders 2024

Gucci High Watchmaking has just unveiled its 2024 collection, introducing groundbreaking complications that blend the brand's unmistakable aesthetic flair with unparalleled technical innovation. Kicking off the fourth year of its high watchmaking division, Gucci not only continues to redefine the boundaries of luxury watchmaking but also pays homage to the intrinsic beauty of sound and geometry, marking a pioneering chapter with a curious, playfully-technical hand played at this week's Watches and Wonders event in Geneva. Let's have a closer look:


25H Minute Repeater

GUCCI 25H Minute Repeater.jpg


At the heart of the new collection is the Gucci 25H Minute Repeater, a marvel of mechanical ingenuity that stands as the ultimate expression of watchmaking complexity. This exclusive timepiece brings the concept of cymatics—the study of visible sound and vibration—to the watchmaking arena for the first time. By employing this unique approach, Gucci has created an openwork dial that visually represents the harmonious notes produced by the minute repeater's chimes, encapsulating the essence of sonic beauty in a geometric form.


25H Skeleton Tourbillon


GUCCI 25H Skeleton Tourbillon.jpg


Building upon its legacy of horological achievements, the 25H collection expands with the introduction of the Gucci 25H Skeleton Tourbillon. Set within a transparent sapphire case that offers a full 360-degree view of the meticulously skeletonised movement, this piece exemplifies Gucci's commitment to transparency and elegance. The ultra-thin design, challenging to achieve with sapphire due to its hardness, showcases Gucci's dedication to pushing the boundaries of material science and craftsmanship.



Interlocking Collection


Gucci Interlocking.jpg


Further enriching its high watchmaking repertoire, Gucci presents the Interlocking collection, a testament to the brand's innovative spirit. This new line masterfully combines a flying tourbillon with a jumping hours complication, set against a striking cushion-shaped case. The dynamic interplay of movements creates a captivating visual narrative, highlighted by the intricate details and layered dial that add depth and motion to the timepiece.


G-Timeless Planetarium


G-Timeless Planetarium.jpg


The G-Timeless Planetarium stands out for its vibrant display of rotating precious stones that orbit around a central tourbillon, mirroring the celestial dance of the cosmos. A special function activates these stones, creating a spectacle of colour and movement that celebrates the universe's boundless beauty. This piece not only exemplifies Gucci's flair for combining traditional luxury with a contemporary twist but also cements its status as a pioneer in the fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

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