Introducing: TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4
Introducing TAG Heuer’s New Connected Watch–The Calibre E4

TAG Heuer announces it new generation of Connected watch – the Calibre E4

After the massive releases from TAG Heuer at LVMH Watch Week, the La Chaux-de-Fonds-based brand surprised us with the unveiling of its new generation of Connected Watch—the incredibly smooth and powerful Calibre E4. Set with TAG Heuer’s trademark design codes and access to its ever-growing ecosystem of sports activities, wellness app and elegant watch faces, the new Calibre E4 is available in two case sizes of 42 and 45mm.


The all-new TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 is available in two case sizes of 42 and 45mm.

“With these two new, very different connected watches, we hope to bring a new generation of TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 to a wider range of customers, becoming a companion in their daily lives: from business to sports activities to the most elegant dinners. Since 2015, TAG Heuer has been a pioneer in the luxury connected watch sector,” says Frédéric Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer.

Details of the Connected Calibre E4

The new 42mm model offers a slimline look with a more elegant and sophisticated aura, making it the perfect accessory for a grand event, office, or sports. It features a thinner case with ergonomic steel pushers, a thin bezel, and a fully integrated bracelet into the watch’s overall design.


Offering both elegance (42mm) and a striking sporty look (45mm), the new Connected Calibre E4 is an accessory you need.

The larger 45mm model is more suited to an outdoor lifestyle by offering a striking redesigned sporty look. The watch features a solid ceramic bezel with a large crown that stands out and is easy to use. Catering to the feel of a traditional high-end watchmaking aesthetic, the 45mm model offers a smooth flow that makes it a more accessible watch to wear when on the go.

Apart from their design codes and stylistic output, both versions are available in a large variety of straps, including leather, steel or multi-coloured rubber straps. Along with this, the new models are available with a curated selection of new watch faces. These new options are based on the brand’s rich watchmaking heritage and trending styles. A few examples include the ‘Riverside’ and ‘Wellness’ watch faces, and the mechanical watch faces based on classic TAG Heuer timepieces.

The new Connected Calibre E4 models are available in a range of strap options and watch faces.

Focus on Fitness

With the new TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4, the brand focuses on providing its customers with an entire fitness environment. These include an easier way to keep track of your fitness routine with the help of the TAG Heuer Sports app. This application helps deliver guided workout routines with industry-leading fitness and sports tracking information. One of its most exciting features is the guided workouts that consist of programs of exercise with pre-set length and on-screen prompts with animation on the screen.

With a special focus on fitness, the Connected Calibre E4 delivers guided workout routines with on-screen prompts.

The watch runs on Wear OS by Google and offers a 30 percent longer battery on the new 45mm models and a full day of power on the 42mm models. It also comes with a new charger concept wherein it acts as a very chic stand to display the watch while charging it and turns into a nightstand during bedtime with its discreet brightness and time display.

The new generation of the Connected watch will go on sale on March 10th, 2022, with both the 42mm and 45mm models available in select stores worldwide and on

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Image Courtesy: TAG Heuer

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