MW Watch Guide: 5 Points To Keep In Mind Before Buying Your First Luxury Watch

Looking to buy your first luxury watch? Here are few pointers to remember before you make the splurge.

When buying your first luxury watch, many variables are at play. From deciding the perfect style to spending a lot of time (and I mean a lot) researching, there are many angles that one might need to consider before choosing their first luxury watch.


There might be times when you will feel overwhelmed, confused, drained, guilty, and frustrated during this process. It is our nature to worry about a big purchase, especially if it means dropping a considerable amount of our hard-earned cash for a “luxurious” and often deemed unnecessary item like a watch.


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So, to help you make an informed decision about which luxury watch to go for, we have a few pointers that’ll simplify the buying process:


Stick To Your Taste


When it comes to choosing from the immense variety of luxury watches in the market, the surest way to not confuse yourself is to zero down on the kind of watch you want and why. The basis of this decision is on your requirements, taste, and everyday personal style. So, you can choose from a simple and minimalist dress watch like the Longines Spirit to a bulkier sporty tool watch like the Panerai Luminor. As your collection grows, you can experiment with your choices, but it is always better to stick to something personal when buying your first luxury watch.


Image Courtesy @Hublot


Never Spend More Than Your Budget


The budget range you allot to your first luxury timepiece is a personal decision, and it is crucial to stick to it. Shelling out a ton of cash before you understand your taste, the watch market and the industry may not be such a good idea. Different price ranges offer watches of different merits, so it is vital to distinguish and choose the one that best fits your budget.


Research And More Research


This one is simple. Whether you are splurging on your first luxury timepiece out of a sheer passion for horology, for a stylistic upgrade, or to announce your “arrival,” you have to do the research. In this day of information and technology, knowledge is power. The more you study and explore the world of horology, the better you understand your style, the technical innovation and the value a particular timepiece would serve on your wrist.


Image Courtesy @Longines


Focus On The Fit


Like a good suit, the fit of your watch is critical to bring out its aesthetic. There might not be a typical size of a watch that looks great on all wrist sizes, but making sure you get the proper case diameter, thickness and bracelet fit is essential. If you have a slightly leaner wrist, then a 34-44mm might work for you. Anything bigger than that would require a thicker wrist.


Additionally, the thickness of a case is also significant to ensure if it slides under the cuff or not. Also, make sure the watch does not hang on your wrist. It needs to be fit properly to make it look more coherent. A general rule of thumb to follow is to ensure that the watch should not slide when you shake your wrist.


Image Courtesy @Breitling


Be Ready To Surprise Yourself


As I mentioned before, you need to decide on your style and stick to your budget when buying your first luxury watch. That does not mean you do not experiment, and there is no harm in surprising yourself sometimes. 


What I mean is that there are no set rules to finding your first perfect luxury watch. You can opt for one of the established group brands like Longines, TAG Heuer and Tissot that offer cost-effective and mass-produced watches, or you can go the vintage route. It means that you can find something that you love in the vintage market and choose it to be your first luxury watch purchase.


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