What You Need To Know About Westside's New Watch Collection
What You Need To Know About Westside’s New Watch Collection

Let’s take a closer look at these watches.

Westside has come out with a new watch collection and we can’t stop crushing on them. The collection includes a range of watches, in three styles – classic, casual & sporty.


Let’s take a closer look at these watches. 


The Weekend Watch



It’s the perfect watch that bridges the gap between casual and formal! Not only does it look good with a suit, but it’s also smart enough to be accessorized with a shirt and chino. You’ll find it compliment any kind of look, since the colours and designs are fashionable and elementary. 


The ‘9 to 9’ Watch



This one is for the man who starts his day with back-to-back meetings and ends his day at the bar. This watch is subtle and stylish enough to leave a great impression, if you’re suited-and-booted most days. 


Sporty Watch



This watch is suitable for any kind of indoor and outdoor activity. The watch has a cutting edge appearance that can be paired up with a bold street wear look. It also has a raised dial which gives it an athletic appeal and makes it more desirable. 


Available at Westside, by NUON


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