Introducing: The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4-Golf Edition
Time To Tee Off With The All-New TAG Heuer Connected Calibre-E4 Golf Edition

With Drive Shot Tracking and a ball marker built into the strap, the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4-Golf Edition is swinging into legendary territory

Two months ago, TAG Heuer announced the release of its new generation of Connected Watch – the incredibly smooth and powerful Calibre E4. During the launch, there were hints of the release of a new connected Golf Edition coming soon. That time is here. 


TAG Heuer recently announced the release of the long-awaited Connected Calibre E4-Golf Edition – the brand’s next-generation golf smartwatch. Beloved by the gold community, this new timepiece marks TAG Heur’s influence and expertise in creating one of the best luxury smartwatches dedicated to the sport of golf. 



“Our customers play golf more than any other sport, and golf has become an important pillar of the Connected watch: the new Calibre E4 is built to be a watch that wearers don’t take off when they leave the golf course,” says Frederic Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer.


Here is everything you need to know about it.


About the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4-Golf Edition


Based on the Calibre E4 45mm that we covered here, this new Golf edition comes with a host of new features and design looks. Paving the way to become one of their most successful Golf Edition watches yet, the new generation golf smartwatch features an automated shot-tracker, a redesigned golf software and a magnetic ball marker built into the strap. The story of TAG Heuer’s Golf editions began in 2015 when the Swiss watch brand established itself as a frontrunner in the world of luxury smartwatches. It launched the first Connected Golf Edition watch in 2018 and has become the leader in the golf luxury smartwatch category. 


Let’s talk hardware


Undergoing a full redesign, the TAG Heuer Connected Watch Calibre E4 comes in a 45mm case made from black DLC titanium. The crown sitting on the side of the case has a large diameter that allows easy control with just a fingertip (a function that is appreciated on the golf course). The ceramic bezel with the iconic green of the Golf Edition gives the watch a high-end luxury watch feels. The iconic 18 holes bezel provides an immediate scorecard during a round with colour-coded segments showing on each hole if you are above, on or below par.




The new screen created with industry-leading quality is home to all the information that the watch provides (more on that later). It ensures all the information from maps and scores to statistics are visible even during strong sunlight. The watch clocks in a battery life of 1 full day which is 30 percent higher than the earlier models of the Connected watch.


The watch is available in a white rubber strap that perfectly works against the black DLC titanium case. But what is interesting about this particular strap is the inclusion of a redesigned buckle that features a built-in magnetic ball marker (a must-have for putting). The marker is designed to slide from the wrist easily or can be popped out with one simple movement. It is decorated with a distinctive TAG Heuer logo that stands out allowing better grip. An additional ball marker is also provided in the case, in case you lose one.



What features does it come with?


Coming to the features of this watch, it is safe to say that there are many and impressive too. Firstly, the watch comes equipped with Drive Shot tracking. It automatically detects a swing made by the wearer allowing them to track their performance in the app without having to activate this function by hand. This is detected with the help of the in-built accelerometer and gyroscope. Currently this function is limited to tracking the first shot on each hole. 


Thanks to the automatic shot tracking, many other functions of the watch is also enhanced. This includes the Driving Range feature that gives the users more information on their progression or performance and precision in terms of club recommendations (a popular feature of the app). Lastly, with the help of a 3D maps technology, the iOS app generates a beautiful video of your best shots that you can share with your friends. 



Additionally, the watch features a redesigned interface that augments the watch’s unique 2D maps, allowing golfers to track hazards and distances on 40,000 golf courses around the world. As there is more screen area, users can get a clearer and more informative view of the map with just a move of the crown. When users press on the distance on screen, they can access all the important information about the hole like par, distance to start and end of greens.


Lastly, like all earlier editions, this watch too offers a plethora of watch faces with unique design aesthetics in striking colour combinations. 



Special Packaging


Apart from the distinctive look and the exclusive features of the watch, the TAG Heuer Connected Watch Calibre E4-Golf Edition also comes with a completely new packaging. It is presented in a white soft-touch finish, and three extra Titleist balls as well as a spare ball marker. A set of three additional ball markers are available for purchase in e-commerce and boutiques. A metallized QR code placed in front of the watch within the box opens a web page that helps users to set up the watch and pair it with a phone for the first time.


The TAG Heuer Connected Watch Calibre E4-Golf Edition will be promoted with a campaign featuring three ambassadors: European Tour Pro and Ryder Cup team member Tommy Fleetwood, American golf expert and journalist Alexandra O’Laughlin and Korean LPGA Tour Professional Golfer In Gee Chun, with the slogan ‘Connected By Golf’. The campaign will target both expert players and customers who demand style and elegance.


For more information, visit TAG Heuer here


Image Courtesy: TAG Heuer

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