Omega 2022 Novelties: Witness New Depths, Colours and Exclusive Materials
All The New Releases from OMEGA Days 2022 And What Makes Them Special

Witness new depths, a slew of coloured dials and exclusive gold materials at OMEGA Days 2022.

The digital presentation from OMEGA last night saw the release of a range of new watches in exclusive materials, fresh and varied dial colours and technical mastery. Each new watch has its own story to tell, and we are here to give you an in-depth look into the new watches released this year at OMEGA Days. Like Raynald Aeschlimann, President and CEO of OMEGA Watches, said in his welcome speech, “Take your time-make yourself at home” and read on. 


Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep


OMEGA kicked off the presentation by taking us deep into the ocean with the Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep series with a water resistance of up to 6000 metres. This timepiece is inspired by the first Ultra Deep watches that made history when it reached the deepest place on earth in 2019. Forged out of Grade 5 titanium and featuring robust “Manta Lugs” that helped secure the watch and a sapphire face inspired by a submersible’s viewport. Three of these Ultra Deep watches accompanied explorer Victor Vescovo on a mission to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. Two of the watches were attached to the submersible’s robotic arm, and the third was strapped to a data-gathering device called a Lander. All three watches completed the dive without any problem. The depths reached by the team was initially recorded as 10,925 m (35,843 ft). It was later updated to 10,935 m (35,876 ft) and is the deepest any human or watch has ever dived.



For 2022, OMEGA offers this high technology watch to the public in 45.5mm models available in two materials; Grade 5 Titanium and a brand-new material called O-MEGASTEEL. The titanium version is a bold timepiece featuring a brushed ceramic bezel with a Liquidmetal™ diving scale, the aforementioned “Manta Lugs”, a domed sapphire crystal and an asymmetrical case structure the original Ultra Deep model profoundly inspires. The black ceramised dial is home to cyan numerals and blue gradient on the central seconds hand. On the caseback sits a black-laser engraved Sonar emblem with the iconic OMEGA Seahorse at the centre. Working within the watch is OMEGA’s Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8912 with 60 hours of power reserve. All of this is supported with a striped NATO strap in cyan and black and made from polyamide yarn sourced from 100% recycled fishing nets.



For the O-MEGASTEEL versions, OMEGA offers the models in six variations. Before we get to that, let’s first understand what O-MEGASTEEL is? According to OMEGA, it is a high-performance stainless-steel alloy notable for its superior strength, white colour, and incomparable shine. It also offers exceptional resistance to corrosion for a longer-lasting appearance.



The six new models are available in a 45.5mm symmetrical case with a ceramic bezel, a diving scale and a domed sapphire crystal. The case structure is set with a new crown guard that assures additional protection when deep underwater. These new versions are offered in different dial options, including white or gradient-effect dials and transition from grey-to-black or blue-to-black dial colours. It also houses a glossy finish with 18K white gold hands and indexes. Like the titanium version, each O-MEGASTEEL version features an engraved titanium caseback. The new models come in an O-MEGASTEEL bracelet or a rubber strap. What’s more, OMEGA’s Ultra Deep was ocean-tested at a depth of 6,269 m (20,567 ft) in the Mariana Trench in 2021. The markings “For Saturation Diving” are included to meet the ISO 6425 standard for saturation divers’ watches certified by Switzerland’s independent testing body METAS – a premiere in the watch industry!



Seamaster Professional Diver 300M


For 2022, OMEGA unveils a new version of the Seamaster Professional Diver 300M in a deep green dial decorated with the signature wave pattern. A firm favourite of all adventure seekers of the world, this new version of the Seamaster Professional Diver 300M comes in a 42mm stainless steel case with a uni-directional rotating bezel with a polished ceramic ring with Grand-Feu white enamel diving scale. Powering the watch is OMEGA’s Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8800 with an exceptional luxury finish. It comes strapped to a stainless-steel case, giving this sporty timepiece a dressier approach. You can always opt for the secondary green rubber strap if you want a sportier look.



Seamaster AquaTerra 150mm in 38 and 34mm


Offering a range of colours is the OMEGA Seamaster AquaTerra collection in two case sizes of 38 and 34mm crafted in stainless steel. For the 38mm models, the dial colours are offered in Atlantic Blue, Bay Green, Sandstone, Saffron and Terracotta, while the 34mm models featured coloured dial in Sea Blue, Lagoon Green, Sandstone, Shell Pink and Lavender.



These dials are made from brass with a sun-brushed effect in the centre set with rhodium-plated hands and indexes for the 38mm models and 18K gold hands and indexes for the 34mm models. Working within these new models is OMEGA’s Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8800.



Speedmaster ’57 Calibre 9906


For 2022, OMEGA has slimmed down the iconic Speedmaster ’57 while also setting it up with an upgraded Master Chronometer. Additionally, the collection is now available in a range of new dial colours.



Set at 12.99mm, a slightly slimmer profile than the Speedmaster Moonwatch 3861 at 13.58mm, the 2022 Speedmaster ’57 comes in a thinner case and finer bezel giving the watch a more streamlined look. The new models are available in a “sandwich” black dial edition with recessed markers filled with vintage Super-LumiNova with three releases in PVD coloured dials like blue, green and new varnished burgundy. The entire collection is presented with stainless steel bracelets or matching coloured leather straps. OMEGA has the Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 9906 working with a power reserve of 60 hours inside the watch.



This year, OMEGA takes its legendary space watch and gives it a lunar glow with two new Speedmaster Moonwatch timepieces crafted in 18K Moonshine™ Gold. One is available in an 18K Moonshine™ Gold dial, black ceramic bezel ring and blackened subdials and indexes, and the other comes with a PVD green coated dial and a green ceramic bezel ring.



What is OMEGA Moonshine™ Gold, you ask? Created in 2019, OMEGA’s exclusive Moonshine™ Gold is an 18K yellow gold alloy inspired by the shining moonlight in a dark blue sky. OMEGA’s 18K Moonshine™ Gold offers a distinctive paler hue than traditional 18K yellow gold and high resistance to the fading of colour and lustre over time.



The new Moonshine™ Gold models are powered by OMEGA’s Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 3861. It is available in two strap options; a polished and brushed 18K Moonshine™ Gold bracelet, or integrated black rubber strap with lunar surface texture on the back and an 18K Moonshine™ Gold foldover clasp.


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Image Courtesy: OMEGA

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