Significant Products Of The Enduring Hublot-Ferrari Collaboration
Significant Products Of The Enduring Hublot-Ferrari Collaboration

As their partnership enters its 6th year, we look back at some of the significant products that have come out of this innovative collaboration

Drawing on the shared quest of innovation, quality and performance, Hublot and Ferrari have over the last five years demonstrated the power and strength of creating synergies between luxury watch maker and the world’s most prestigious sports car manufacturer. The two brands, known for pushing the envelope of creativity, share a perpetual quest for innovation, excellence and performance. A good example that highlights the acme of this six year long association is the new Techframe Ferrari 70 collection, launched to celebrate Ferrari’s 70th anniversary. Conceived with the same approach used for designing a car at the Ferrari Design Centre in Maranello, Italy and integrating Hublot’s watchmaking expertise at their workshop in Nyon, Switzerland, the watch opens a new chapter in the partnership.



Techframe Ferrari Tourbillon Chronograph (2017)


Techframe Ferrari 70 was designed by Ferrari, under the leadership of head of design Flavio Manzoni, using the same creative processes as that used to develop a new sports car. The starting point for the designers was the Hublot movement— the `engine’ of the watch—around which they freely designed a high performance chassis. Like that of a Ferrari, its lattice structure offers maximum strength for minimal weight. “The styling of the Techframe Ferrari 70 Years Tourbillon Chronograph underlines the performances of the watch and no component is there by chance”, explains Flavio Manzoni. Thus, the black structure on the dial holds the chronograph counters and offers excellent legibility. The crown at 4 o’clock — raised by a black PVD titanium insert decorated with the famous Prancing Horse — reduces the size of the watch to the greatest possible extent, and increases its aerodynamic look. Finally, the red pushbutton is strategically placed to facilitate its use — even when driving — and makes the design more ergonomic.



Hublot then took the design by Ferrari and applied its expertise in engineering, materials and watchmaking, to make the aesthetic and technical concepts feasible. The result is a chassis case with a modular construction of three components — skeleton middle, container and back cover. Available in King Gold and Titanium versions, the watch is also offered in PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) Carbon, a multi-layer hypoallergenic material — made from particularly long carbon fibres — that is extremely durable and reliable. Two lateral push-buttons make it easy to change the strap, whilst offering maximum security. The back cover of the case is engraved in black with `Limited Edition, No. XX/70’, and the sapphire back is adorned with `Ferrari 70 Years’.



Big Bang Ferrari Ceramic Carbon (2014)


Under the bonnet of this thoroughbred is a Tourbillon Chronograph driven by a movement that was designed and developed by Hublot: the new HUB6311 calibre with manual winding offers 5 days of power reserve. The single-button chronograph — one button for the start-stop-reset functions — that is considered as the best of the best by specialists, is handled by an original lever in Ferrari red anodised aluminum.

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