Why paying $8,15,000 for this watch is worth it
Why paying $8,15,000 for this watch is worth it

Greubel Forsey’s Quadruple Tourbillon is one of the rarest timepieces in the market, and every watch aficionado is eyeing it

The Greubel Forsey Quadruple Tourbillon costs a whopping $8,15,000. Is it studded with diamonds or other precious jewels, you may ask? None. Even then, those can afford it would happily take it over any other luxury watch (you could probably buy hundreds of them for the same amount).


The Swiss company makes only five or six of these watches every year, and their signature model is one of the rarest timepieces available.


And why is it so expensive? A tourbillion – a rotating mechanical cage that’s present in only the finest watches – helps to smooth out any sort of fluctuation in time. Other watches have two of these – Greubel Forsey’s model has four. As a result, the watch’s accuracy varies by less than 2.5 seconds daily, while the number usually goes up to 10 seconds for most other Swiss brands.


The Quadruple Tourbillon also boasts of 534 components, many of which are finished by hand. It’s no wonder then, that it takes nearly a year’s worth of man hours to produce one of these watches.


The value of the watch has less to do with the several ounces of gold it contains and its alligator strap, and more with the intensity of human labour required to produce it.

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