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9 Best Spirits To Stock Up This Diwali 

Image Credits: John Fornander (Unsplash)

Diwali is here and it’s time to stock up your bar with enough options, including gin, beer, whisky, vodka and wine, if you want to ensure that your guests’ glasses are full  through the festivities. Just in case you’ve forgotten to do your research on what to purchase amid other chores, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive list that has choices for every type of drinker out there.

Image Credits: Woodburns

Woodburns: A Tale of Oak Trust us when we say that you’d want to get your hands on this oak-y, fruity single malt with strong notes of vanilla that not only is a worthy addition to your Diwali booze stock, but also a great gifting option.

Image Credits: Bira

Bira: Imagined In India The beer brand that quickly became a household name since launching in 2015 has been working on India-inspired flavours recently and has managed to appease beer drinkers with brews like Mango Lassi Ale and Bollywood IPA. Just ahead of Diwali, they’re dropped three new flavours: Fest Oktoberfest Lager, Fireworks Hoppy Wheat and Diwali Vintage Scotch Ale, all which deserve a spot inside your fridge.

Image Credits: Metaxa

Metaxa Made from wine derived out of Muscat grapes, which are indigenous to the Samos island in Greece, Metaxa is an intense, but at the same time, herby liquor, thanks to the presence of Mediterranean botanicals. Perfect for Diwali card parties as well as for an intimate get-together, this one’s a must-try.

Image Credits: Sector Gin

Sector Gin Gin lovers, take note: there’s a new flavour in town. Sector Gin, from Living Root Distilling Company is a gorgeous combination of ingredients from across the globe like, oranges from Valencia and grapefruits from Turkey. Add to that turmeric, botanicals and strong dose of juniper berries and you have yourself a delightful tipple.

Image Credits: Short Story Gin

Short Story Gin  A light and refreshing new entrant in the Indian market, Short Story Gin is an absolutely pleasurable liquor that goes just as well neat, with a wedge of lime, as it does with a tonic or even, with a medley of ingredients in a cocktail. Our favourite way to enjoy this floral gin? With a splash of fresh OJ and a seltzer, of course.

Image Credits: Rock Paper Rum

Rock Paper Rum It would be criminal to throw a party in India and not have rum on the menu. Thankfully though, for most of us, Old Monk won’t do it anymore. If you associate with that feeling, try Rock Paper Rum, a new drop that boasts of a sweet and spicy taste. You can have it with Cola, too.

Image Credits: Tenjaku

Tenjaku  Japanese liquors are beginning to grab a lot of eyeballs, and that's clear from the way in which mixologists are experimenting with sake and umeshu in cocktails. If you like your drinks with an Asian twist, Tenjaku might be a good choice for you this Diwali. Made with corn and barley and aged in American white oak barrels, this one promises flavour and fervour, in equal measure.

Image Credits: Malhar

Malhar Gin Thanks to the boom of craft gins in India, lovers of the spirit have no dearth of options. If you’re looking for something more desi, check out Malhar — a spicy and earthy gin crafted as a tribute to monsoons in India. How cool is that?

Image Credits: Grover Zampa

Grover Zampa Signet  Let’s face it, no celebration is complete without a glass of red, and if you believe that, you’re in good luck. Grover Zampa, which has potentially revolutionised Indian wines with their genius vinos right here in the country, has dropped Signet, a new line of reds, just in time for Diwali. And we know we’re getting ourselves a bottle, what about you?

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