5 Things Players Are Not Allowed To Do In  Qatar World Cup 2022

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It has been a tumultuous start to the FIFA World Cup 2022, with the on-field tactics easily drowned by bigger battles and conflicts. We take a look at five things that players and fans are not allowed to do in Qatar.

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LGBTQ OneLove ArmbandAs many as nine nations decided to wear a OneLove rainbow armband, as a mark of solidarity with LGBTQ people. But as soon as FIFA decided that players could be booked before the beginning, all these countries released a joint statement to drop this idea.

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Denmark Banned From Displaying ‘Human Rights For All’Denmark had planned to train in a kit that displayed 'Human Rights For All'. But they had to fold back after the application was rejected by FIFA. However, they would still be able to show their support for migrant workers by wearing a black kit. 

Image Credits: FIFA WORLD Cup/ Twitter

No 'Love' On Shirt Collar For BelgiumFIFA has ordered Belgium to remove 'Love' from the collar of their away jersey. The exact reason for this order isn't yet revealed, however, many reported that it's due to a conflict of interest, as Belgian Federation has partnered with Tomorrowland to release this collection.

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No Alcohol In & Around StadiumThe Qatari authority had banned the sale of alcohol from the stadium, and the beer stores were also shifted far away from the vicinity of the stadium. 

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Not Allowed To Wear Rainbow ShirtGrant Wahl, the American journalist covering the World Cup in Qatar, was not allowed to enter the stadium as he wore a rainbow shirt. The security asked him to change his shirt in order to be permitted inside.

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