Father's Day 2022: Top Motorcycles That Your Dad Would Appreciate

Raise your hands if you’ve been scrambling about for a Father’s Day gift? After all, it is difficult to buy anything for a man who answers the question “What would you like?” with a shrug. However, if your dad is a bit of an auto head like us, and you have some heavy chunk of change to spare, we think motorcycles are the answer. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of four motorcycles that will take your dad back to the good ol’ days. 


We know fathers usually pass down their motorcycles to their kids but how about we flip the script this time around? Make Father’s Day a bit more special with these options: 


1) Yezdi Roadster and Scrambler 




Middle-aged men across India cheered in conjunction when Classic Legends announced that it’ll be reviving the Yezdi badge for the newer generation. Back in the day, owning a Yezdi motorcycle was a badge of honour, equivalent to owning a Harley today. 


Until this year, old Yezdis were looked at in the same way as spotting a shooting star — with awe and wonderment. But with the name coming back to life in two avatars — Roadster and Scrambler — we think you have enough ways to spoil your old man.


2) Royal Enfield Interceptor 




There’s nothing like owning a Royal Enfield and heading out to the hills.For many years, RE’s reputation wasn’t great and it was pretty barebones in keeping up with today’s needs. But that was until Royal Enfield started its renaissance era with its first-ever parallel-twin powered motorcycles — the Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650. 


While we wouldn’t recommend the GT 650 (unless your dad does deadlifts every day), the Interceptor 650 serves as the best alternative for those who are looking for comfort with performance. With its unique retro design and a butter-smooth parallel-twin engine, the Interceptor 650 will make for a generous yet fun Father’s Day gift. 


3) Jawa, Jawa 42 and Jawa Perak 




If Yezdis are too modern for you, and if you want to bring on the nostalgia heavy, how about the three bikes Jawa offers? The brand which was also resurrected by Classic Legends in 2018 made headlines overnight. There were queues of people rushing to buy the motorcycle, and it seemed like the brand was handing out free candy.


Although the fanfare has calmed down over the years owing to reliability issues, the brand still pulls the heartstrings of the old-timers who don’t mind putting in some work, if needed. In case your dad happens to be one of them, you can pick from the three motorcycles on offer — Jawa, Jawa 42 and the Jawa Perak. 


4) Bajaj Chetak EV 




Not looking for fossil-fueled options in this economy? We don’t blame you. How about a relatively affordable electric offering, with a pretty legendary moniker? We mean the Bajaj Chetak EV, of course. The classic family scooter was resurrected in an EV form a couple of years ago, and it has been slowly making its name in the extremely competitive segment. With an updated model scheduled for a launch later this month, we’re sure you can ignite some strong nostalgia within your dad this Father’s Day.


( Image credits: Classic Legends, Royal Enfield, Bajaj )

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