If we’re talking about some of the world’s most iconic cars, you’ll find the Aston Martin DB5 way up on that list. The DB5 in itself is one of Aston Martin’s greatest cars ever made, but if you add the James Bond charm to it and equip it with gadgets and weapons, its appeal only gets magnified. If you’re someone who has millions to spare and are interested in buying this piece of automotive history, you’d have to try your luck at an auction house packed with other competitors dying to get their hands on it as well. But Aston Martin are themselves remaking the DB5 once again.

The British carmaker is producing 25 cars with help from the producers of the James Bond films, under the DB5 Goldfinger Continuation program.

All 25 cars will come equipped with all of Bond’s classic gadgets and equipment like rear smoke screen, oil slick delivery systems, triple license plates, twin front machine guns, a bullet-resistant rear window, and tire slashers. Aston Martin will also give customers the option to install a passenger seat roof system, as well as an under-seat hidden weapons tray, a simulated radar screen tracker map, and a bunch of other MI6 agent goodies.

All the DB5s will be given the same “Silver Birch” paint treatment, paying ode to the original DB5 from the film. The cars will be powered by a four-litre inline-six engine that churns out around 290 hp.

The Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger Continuation costs approximately $3.37 million USD before taxes. So if you have a few millions lying around and an undying love for James Bond and Aston Martin, this is where you should be spending your money.