The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride which was started in 2012 by Mark Hawwa, in Sydney, Australia. India is one of the countries participating in the 2017 edition, with riders in 19 cities hitting the road for a cause which is to raise awareness for prostate cancer and mental health issues. It’s a charity event organized on behalf of The Movember Foundation. 

For this edition, $3,522,274 has been raised and 77,432 riders have registered (at the time of writing this article) across the world. The ride is also supported by Triumph Motorcycles and Zenith Watches, who are offering prizes for fundraisers and donors. 

“Throughout the land and across the seas, in 600 cities there are people like me. Upon this day, we proudly unite to support men’s health and join in the fight. Our fathers, our brothers, our uncles, our friends, to you we reach out for your lives need not end. We ride for awareness, raise funds for the plight, to defeat prostate cancer and bid suicide goodnight. We hold out our hands they’re here for the taking, it’s time to join the gentry, in history we are making,” that’s what the below video says. 

“The past 5 years have seen The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride grow far more than I ever could have imagined – not only in its reach and the number of participants of the ride itself, but in people that have made that decision to get themselves checked. Working with the Movember Foundation has allowed us to target key concerns in men’s health, helping us change the lives of men and helping them to live longer and happier. None of this would be made possible if not for the support and unity of Triumph Motorcycles and Zenith Watches. The collective passion of all these brilliant organisations is the fuel to The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, empowering all classic and custom motorcycle riders to bond together and put on the most dashing charity event this world has ever seen,” Mark Hawwa, founder of Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride said. 

You can register for the ride at their website.