Porsche 911 Classic Club Coupe

The Porsche 911 (996) Gets A Porsche Classic Club Coupe Makeover

The 911 Classic Club Coupe is a one-off, made for the Porsche Club of America, and it took two full years to complete

Do you remember the Porsche 911 Sport Classic, the 997-based, limited-run model from 2010? It was a was special one, no doubt, and it had all the right ingredients to invoke nostalgia without taking away the modernity of the car. Porsche has now recreated a sequel to that, or a prequel rather, as this one’s based on the preceding model, the 996. But that’s not the entire story. The 911 Classic Club Coupe is a one-off, made for the Porsche Club of America, and it took two full years for the project. It’s also heartening to see the Porsche 996 being given the kind of undivided love and attention that it always deserved.

Porsche 911

The base car, a type-996 Porsche 911 Carrera was sent from the US to Germany for restoration. Not only was the car further strengthened but its engine was also replaced with that from a 996 GT3, it got 18-inch Fuchs alloy wheels, a Carrera 2.7 RS-aping ducktail spoiler found its way to the car’s back, and the paint was changed to Sport Grey Metallic (similar to that on the 911 Sport Classic). Stickers proudly boasting its new name, Classic Club Coupe, make it to the, sides along with new badges at the rear and on the front wings.

911 coupe rear

Also, like the 911 Sport Classic, it gets a double-dome roof and is a manual, too — the gearbox, brakes and chassis upgrades are all from the 996 GT3. To further reaffirm that the car’s made for Porsche’s largest club in the US, it gets the club’s official colours being represented through details/accents: Club Blue. The interior isn’t left untouched, either. Apart from the model badging and blue accents, it gets an all-black interior with a houndstooth pattern for the seats. A modern infotainment system from Porsche Classic is also present (complete with a Classic Club Coupe start-up screen), because why not! And of course, there’s a 001/001 badge on the dashboard, to remind you that there’s no other car like this.

Well, there was another example, actually. Porsche did conduct high-speed test runs with that at Weissach, Nardo, and Idiada. Following the testing, that car was ‘dismantled’, ensuring that the resultant Classic Club Coupe is one of its kind. And in true Porsche fashion, this car, created through its recently reintroduced Sonderwunsch programme, is accompanied by a bespoke car cover, key fob finished in the same colour as the car, tool bag made in leather and the same Pepita houndstooth fabric as the seats, and a touring bag.

Just look at it!

911 coupe classic interior

Porsche 911 seat