The Most Awaited Electric Car Releases
The Most Awaited Electric Car Releases

The biggest launches by the industry’s biggest manufacturers

The concept of an electric car must have seemed crazy 30-40 years ago, but this is 2018, and it would actually be surprising if we didn’t have an array of amazing cars that run on electricity. When I was a kid, the only electric car I remember was Reva. And that’s about it. But that isn’t the case anymore.


The biggest car makers in the world, are all launching either brand new models of electric cars, or completely revising a classic car to make it electric. They’re coming in all shapes and models. You can pick an electric SUV, as well as electric muscle car. You don’t have to struggle to fit yourself into just a Reva anymore.

Here’s our personal pick of the most awaited E-cars by the biggest car makers in the world:

Ford Mustang

Ford recently announced that one of the most iconic cars in the world, the Mustang, would be getting an electric remake in 2020.

Porsche Taycan

With the Taycan, Porche definitely intends to toughen the competition for Tesla.

Peugeot E-Legend


Showcased at the Paris Motor Show 2018, the E-Legend is a raw muscle car with a truly electrifying presence.

Bollinger B1


Comparatively, the smallest name here, Bollinger Motors, is a New York based startup, who designed the B1 to be an electric heavy-duty vehicle, retaining the original DNA of a classic SUV.

Tesla Roadster


Tesla is the pioneer of E-cars and have always delivered. Elon Musk, this time plans to take things to greater levels with the Roadster. The car claims to reach the 0-100 kph mark in just a mind-blowing 2.1 seconds, making it the fastest car in the world.

High speed, low emissions really does seem to be the mantra for the future.


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