Bentley unveils the plushest, fastest SUV in the world
Bentley unveils the plushest, fastest SUV in the world

The Bentayga is the firm’s first ever SUV

If you have considered your life incomplete because you haven’t driven a 2.5 ton SUV at 301 kph, salvation is at hand in the form of the new Bentley Bentayga – the world’s fastest and most luxurious SUV, according to Bentley (they would say that, wouldn’t they?)



Bentley makes some very fast and very plush cars, but this is the first SUV the company has ever made, and it’s – a bit odd looking, not to mention strangely named. Moneyed gentlemen from the Middle East, assorted oligarchs and others looking to make a significant statement appear to be the target audience, and Bentley has left no stone unturned in the making of this behemoth.



It comes with a gigantic 12 cylinder engine with two turbochargers, and it makes 600 bhp and 90 kgm of torque – clearly, the engineers were leaving nothing to chance. It will dash to 100 kph in 4 seconds, which is quite an incredible feat for something this big, and if you know the local cops well (which buyers of this thing are likely to do), you can flog it all the way to a near-ridiculous 301 kph.



The cabin is suitably uber-luxurious and not a little OTT, with only the finest metals and leathers being used. You can choose from 8 different driving modes, among other things, and you can specify a Naim audio system with 18 speakers and 1950 watts – and a bespoke mechanical Mulliner Tourbillon clock by Breitling. The Bentayga will be shown at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, and deliveries will begin next year – you might want to speak to your bank manager about now.
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