How BBT’s Jatin Ahuja Got Into Selling Supercars, Plus Our Top 3 Picks From His Stable

We speak to the founder of Big Boy Toyz about the evolution of his brand and the state of supercar ownership in India today

If you’re into supercars and live in either Gurgaon, Mumbai, or Hyderabad, chances are that you’ve taken a peek through the windows of Big Boy Toyz — one of India’s premier pre-owned multi-brand luxury car dealerships.


Founded in 2009, the business was and continues to be the dreamchild of MD and founder Jatin Ahuja, a petrolhead who fused his passion for automobiles with a cracking entrepreneurial streak. We recently spoke to Ahuja on the evolution of his brand, the state of supercar ownership in today’s India, and also did some serious window-shopping, picking out some of the most exclusive cars to ever put rubber to Indian tarmac.


BBT’s Beginnings



Ahuja’s love for cars started long before he could even drive them, according to the 34-year-old businessman.


“It was the 6th grade. I was about eleven years old when I began to help maintain the cars my family had at home, owned by my mother and father, and I still maintain them up to today.


This gave me a little bit of experience towards how cars function — how they’re maintained, what their service and repair costs tend to be.” This tiny bit of information gave way to more knowledge about vehicles, and by the age of 18-19 in 2003, Ahuja decided to dive deep into the business of buying, refurbishing, and flipping cars for a profit. 


From his first venture into a Fiat Palio during the early 2000s to his recent acquisitions of ultra-desirable Lamborghinis, Ahuja maintains that his business still functions according to the same guiding principles.


“Every single customer who dealt with us is happy. That is something. The happiness or satisfaction quotient is the most important aspect of our business which we’ve been trying to maintain for the last, I think 19-20 years. It’s that happiness on a customer’s face that we try so hard to work towards.”


What Does Ahuja Drive Himself?


With a fleet of dozens of supercars, you’d imagine that Ahuja reserves something particularly outrageous for himself, and while he does boast an impressive personal collection, it comes with a catch.


“Let me be very honest,” chuckles Ahuja. “The cars which get rejected in the BBT fleet are what I use for myself. Sometimes, we come across vehicles which I’m unable to sell, probably since they’ve been in an accident, or need some work from the perspective of repair and maintenance.”


As of now, the entrepreneur dreams of owning a Rolls-Royce Phantom — a ‘family’ investment as he describes it. While the Phantom seems out of reach at nearly Rs. 11 crore, he currently maintains a fleet of large luxury SUVs, including two Toyota Land Cruisers, Range Rover Autobiography, and a Toyota Alphard. 


Ahuja also owns a slick Mercedes-AMG G 63, for when performance and luxury both need to make an appearance. 


When it comes to his customers though, the sky’s the limit. Here are what we think are the top three supercars in the Big Boys Toyz stable:


Lamborghini Hurácan EVO



Integrated driving dynamics, gorgeous styling inside and out, and one of the greatest naturally-aspirated V10 engines ever produced, the Lamborghini Hurácan EVO LP640 is an unforgettable masterclass of Italian excess, made for the modern age.


Ferrari F12 Berlinetta



One of the most beautiful cars ever designed by Pininfarina, the F12 Berlinetta is everything Ferrari ever wanted in a full-tilt grand tourer. It’s crafted to turn heads wherever you go, and announces its arrival by the thrilling sounds of Ferrari’s twelve glorious cylinders.


Lamborghini Aventador SVJ



Limited-production runs, built with some of the lightest engine components scientifically possible, and ready to eat up almost anything on a track day, the Aventador SVJ takes no prisoners. This is easily one of the most extreme hypercars in the country at the moment — and will probably hold that title for a while to come.


While BBT’s impressive roster and long list of celebrity customers attracts buyers, the pandemic has certainly shaped the way India’s luxury and exotic car segment works.


“Availability has now become our biggest challenge,” shares Ahuja. “Earlier, the difficult part used to be selling, and the harder part was buying. Now the challenge has become the opposite.”


(Featured Image Credits: Big Boy Toyz)

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