BMW Motorrad has launched the 2020 BSlV-ready G 310 and G 310 GS range of motorcycles at lower price points, making them the most affordable they have ever been.


At Rs 2.45 lakh, the G 310 R has had a Rs 55,000 price reduction, officially making this BMW Motorrad’s most affordable and cheapest motorcycle on offer in India. The engine now complies with BSlV regulations, but performance remains unchanged at 34 hp and 28 Nm of torque. Design-wise, BMW has now replaced the older lights with LED ones, giving the bike a more modern touch. Apart from that, the G 310 R looks the same.

The G 310 GS comes in at Rs 2.65 lakh, making it Rs 64,000 cheaper than the BS4 variant. it shares the same engine and design modifications. But BMW will give customers more options in paint colours for their G 310 GS. The paint catalogue includes ‘Style Rallye,’ which features a black base colour with contrasting red and blue paintwork. But the most striking colour would be BMW’s special ’40 years GS’ paint scheme that commemorates four decades of the BMW GS.