Brick of the trade

A website for custom Lego builds

Anyone who remembers playing with a set of Lego will recall the unmatched high of completing a piece. They will also have vivid memories of swearing like sailors, because of the sheer intricacy of some of the builds; for times like these, here’s just the resource.


The people over at MOCPLans provide detailed build instructions for a host of Lego projects, all of which are automotive-related. You can buy a detailed set of instructions for the build that catches your fancy, and then set about putting it together (you have to buy the bricks separately, of course).


If you’re one of those Lego whizkids, you can upload your own custom build and sell it to other punters. We think the classic Formula 1 car builds, by an Italian engineer called Luca Rusconi, are particularly tasty.

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