This 1967 Ford Mustang EV Restomod Makes Over 500hp! 
This 1967 Ford Mustang EV Restomod Makes Over 500hp! 

The Mustang restomod will be limited to 499 units, and is priced at £350,000

The thought of an electric Ford Mustang is enough to send a shivers down the spine of any purist gearhead. Combining the Mustang’s muscle-y charm with a silent whirl of the electric motor sounds like… sacrilege. 


Or does it? Folks at Charge Cars UK have gone and done that, and they’ve managed to pull it off. They’ve reimagined the 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback as a modern-day luxury EV, loaded with bells and whistles. 

The first obvious change here is the addition of the new electric motor, capable of an output of 536hp and 1500Nm of torque, helping the restomod to do the 0-100kph sprint in a measly 3.9 seconds. 


To make sure you don’t run out of juice, powering the electric propulsion is a 64kWh battery pack, which offers a claimed range of 322km on a single charge. Charge Cars also offers a 50kW fast charging option, which tops you up to 80 percent in just an hour. 


Things inside the Ford Mustang EV Restomod are different as well. The cabin gets premium soft-touch materials, leather seats, a digital driver’s display and a large touchscreen infotainment system taking the centre stage; essentially packing everything you’d demand from a modern car. 

On the outside, the Mustang still maintains its classic look with a Piano Black finish, blacked-out wheels and classic muscle car lines. There are a few modern elements here too, like the LED headlamps. 

Keen on buying one? Hold on to your horses. This unique Mustang restomod is limited to 499 units worldwide, with each priced at £350,000 (around Rs 3.49 crore). If this is how we’re keeping the classics alive, sign us up today!

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