Ducati's India lineup
Ducati’s India lineup

With Ducati officially restarting operations in India, we take a look at the models that currently are or will soon be made available across all dealerships



With Ducati officially restarting operations in India as Ducati India Pvt Ltd – an official subsidiary of Ducati Motor – we take a look at the models that currently are or will soon be made available across all dealerships


Monster 821:  Ducati’s largest-selling model, the Monster is minimalistic motorcycling at its best. With a raw, robust V-twin heart, the Monster is one of the more approachable, easy-to-ride Ducati’s out there. The Monster 821 is for all intents and purposes a brand new motorcycle – right from the trellis frame to the engine mounted directly to it. Along with that, the bike gets a lot more electronic aids, which include Ducati Traction Control, ABS and three different riding modes – Urban, Touring and Sport.





Scrambler: In a world where motorcycles are getting more complex and sophisticated, it’s necessary to have a one like the Scrambler to remind us what it’s truly all about – unadulterated fun. With its broad, upright handlebars, low kerb weight and a throaty 803cc air-cooled engine, the Ducati Scrambler is a back to basics motorcycle that is exceedingly high on fun and low on cost. In fact, with an on-road price of Rs 7.9 lakh, the Scrambler is set to be the most inexpensive Ducati of the lot. Leaving complex electronic aids back in the tool shed, this motorcycle is pure heart. It’s easy-to-ride and a lot easier to own.





Diavel: If the Panigale is the group’s brains, then the Diavel is the muscle. The 2015 model uses the same Testastretta engine found in the 1198, and it comes with a higher dosage of torque, effectively making it one of the best muscle bikes out there. The Diavel is the ultimate high-powered alternative for those who want to upgrade from relatively sluggish cruisers to a torquier motorcycle meant for long distance journeys. This bike defies categorization, standing out thanks to its bold and unique styling and incredible power levels throughout the rev range.



Hypermotard: One of the meanest Supermotos out there, the Hypermotard is a tall, high-revving dirt bike with street tyres. It uses an 821cc V-twin that makes 110 bhp and 9.1 kgm of torque, and despite being tailored to go off-road, it’s one of the most versatile bikes out there. Ever since it was first introduced in 2005, the bike has been one of Ducati’s most popular models. The 2015 Hypermotard gets a bigger fuel tank, which makes it equally suitable for long journeys. It also gets 20 extra bhp than the previous one – which means it’s an exceptionally powerful bike, without the presence of a windshield or fairing to channel all that speed.



899 Panigale: If the 1299 Panigale is a bit of a handful for you, might we suggest the marginally less powerful 899? Don’t be fooled by its cubic capacity, though – the 899 packs proper litre bike levels of firepower and has a grand total of 148 bhp and 10 kgm of torque. Ducati’s trademark ride-by-wire power modes find their way onto this machine as well, and we reckon it’s with bikes like the 899 where they are most useful. Apart from Ducati’s traction control system, the bike has a bunch of other features designed to shave seconds off your lap-time, which means that the 899 is one of the most track-focused bikes out there. It’s second only to the 1299 Panigale, which packs 50 more bhp and a lot more tech, but is only available on order.


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