The Ferrari 812 Superfast Has Been Launched In India
The Ferrari 812 Superfast Has Been Launched In India

The most powerful production car ever produced by Ferrari, the 812 Superfast artfully combines engineering excellence and classic Italian craftsmanship

Navnit Motors, the official dealer for Ferrari in Mumbai, has unveiled the 812 Superfast. The car features industry-first capabilities in the mid-front-engine car segment, creating the backbone for the fastest ever Ferrari designed for the road. 


A brand-new naturally aspirated 6.5-litre V12 powers the beast to a maximum power output at 8,500 rpm, which delivers a top speed of 340 km/h. The power under the hood is underlined by the 812’s acceleration, as it eases from 0 to 100 in a scarcely believable 2.9 seconds. 


The model is the first Ferrari to feature Electric Power Steering, which bolsters the vehicle’s performance by integrating it with all of its electronic vehicle dynamic controls. 


The aerodynamic design is a result of Ferrari’s aim to continue to improve performance with each new model, in terms of both speed and augmented vehicle dynamics for a more exciting driving experience. Boosting the downforce which provides the cars stability without increasing drag has led to the exceptionally high aerodynamic efficiency numbers the 812 boasts. 


The car’s silhouette is inspired in no small part of the classic 365 GTB4 from 1969, with an aggressive rear spoiler designed to guarantee downforce. The cabin has been resdesigned for greater sporty character. The interior structures are lighter and more compact, creating an aura of racing eagerness and lean elegance. 


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