Ferrari Releases Teaser Image Of Its Purosangue SUV On Instagram
Ferrari Purosangue SUV Officially Teased 

As expected from Ferrari, the Purosangue SUV has a face that looks aggressive and sporty instead of a family-friendly SUV look. 

The rumours are true. Ferrari will soon be making it’s way into the SUV segment. The Maranello-based carmaker, whose CEO once said “Ferrari SUV? You have to shoot me first,” will, in fact, be unveiling its first-ever SUV, the Ferrari Purosangue later this year.


The company confirmed this in a rather mysterious Instagram post, along with a teaser image of the Purosangue SUV. You may have to turn your screen brightness up to spot this, but the SUV seems to be sporting the classic Ferrari front end, one that’s quite similar to the SF90. 

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Of course, there are some classic SUV elements on display here, namely the raised bonnet and the large air intake. But overall, the Purosangue has a face that looks aggressive and sporty as expected from a Ferrari, rather than a family-friendly SUV look. 


While Ferrari has done a brilliant job of keeping things quiet, leaked images of the Purosangue have been on the internet for a long time. From what we can tell, the four-seater SUV has a low-slung design, with a long wheelbase. However, the leaked images are from a prototype model, so take everything with a grain of salt. 

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According to Auto Express UK, the Ferrari Purosangue will be based on the same platform as the Roma GT, which is no less of a looker. Speaking to the same publication, Ferrari’s former Chief Technology Officer Michael Leiters said, “In general, we will have two families of architecture – front and rear-engine families.”


“The modularity is there and, especially on the front-engined architecture, we have to foresee many more models. We have a 2+2, we have a 4+, we are thinking about Purosangue, and so on,” he added

While details are thin, the Purosangue SUV might be offered in two variants: a plug-in hybrid with a V6 motor, and a pure V8 unit that might make around 700hp. We, however, do secretly hope that Ferrari surprises us with a V12. One can dream, right?

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