Five Horrifying Grand Prix Crashes That Drivers Miraculously Survived
Five Horrifying Grand Prix Crashes That Drivers Miraculously Survived

From Sophia Floerch to Lewis Hamilton, all of these drivers have had horrifying crashes but came out unscathed

The sport of formula one racing may seem like its just a bunch of skilled drivers driving around in circles, but it is much more than that. The sport is actually one of the most dangerous sport in the world and has had its share of dark days where drivers tragically lost their lives during a race. But here we look at some really lucky drivers who survived their terrible crashes on the track:


Nika Lauda – 1976 German Grand Prix


Knowing the lack of safety measures and how dangerous the Nürburgring circuit was, with it being infamous for its 131 fatalities, driver Nika Lauda actually urged his fellow drivers to boycott the race but unfortunately lost by just one vote. 


He went on to race but due to bad weather conditions, had to make a pit stop to change his tires. In an attempt to make up, Lauda raced through the pit stop and lost control of his car. The car burst into flames after being rebounded off the fence. Lauda lost one ear and suffered burn injuries but made it out alive. 


Martin Brundle – 1996 Australian Grand Prix


Brundle’s Jordan made contact with the rear end of John Herbert and David Coulthard’s vehicles and proceeded to break into two after being launched in the air. Brundle came out completely alright and actually ran over to his spare car in time for the restart. 


Robert Kubica – 2007 Canadian Grand Prix


On the hairpin bend at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Robert Kubica clipped Jarno Trulli’s Toyota which made Kubica slid onto the grass where he went airborne. The BMW hit the wall head first and exploded. Kubica miraculously survived this explosive crash and came out with just a concussion and a sprained ankle. 


Romain Grosjean – 2012 Belgian Grand Prix


The French driver, Romain Grosjean is known for his careless driving and multiple crashes that he’s cause and been in. During the 2012 Belgian grand prix, Grosjean’s Lotus hit Lewis Hamilton and the both of them went on to collide with Fernando Alonso. Grosjean’s Lotus was just centimeters away from missing Alonso’s head. All three made it out alive. 


Sophia Flöerch – 2018 Macau Grand Prix


German driver Sophia Flöerch lost control of her Van Amersfoort race car at the F3 Macau grand prix and clipped driver Sho Tsuboi before being flung in the air and hitting a wall. Flöerch was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery for her broken spine, while Tsoboi, who was also involved in the crash, came out with just  minor injuries.




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