Ford Lincoln Star EV Concept Unveiled, And It's As Futuristic As It Can Be
Ford’s New Concept EV Uses Lights, Music And Smell To Calm Your Nerves During Commutes 

The concept also features carriage doors and a fully retractable steering wheel!

Ford Motors recently announced its intention of introducing four new electric vehicles in its Lincoln lineup by 2026. One among these is the Lincoln Star concept EV that was unveiled recently. According to Ford, this concept EV has been programmed to keep you calm during your commute. 


Let’s discuss design first. The Lincoln Star concept is the definition of futuristic. It sports an understated minimal look, with carriage doors, a smooth aerodynamic profile and large panoramic windows. A cool touch is that the Lincoln Star Concept’s frunk (front and trunk) can be opened like a drawer for extended storage! 


On the inside, Ford has gone the whole nine yards to break the mould. There’s a large screen occupying the dashboard, rotatable front seats and a retractable steering wheel. However, what’s most interesting here is the addition of three ‘rejuvenation moods.”

We’ll explain. According to Ford, based on the mode, the concept EV can change the audio, lighting and even the smell of the cabin to soothe its passengers. The three modes are named:

Coastal Morning: Uses oceanic sounds and sea mist scent while replicating the warm glow of the sun through lighting

Mindful Vitality: Uses upbeat audio and artwork with glowing light and flowery fragrance to get energy flowing

Evening Chill: Uses low-frequency soundtracks with a video of the night sky

Of course, all of this sounds like the tech from an episode of Black Mirror. We’d like to reiterate that the Lincoln Star is a concept, with no known specifications about the battery or power. There’s a chance that only part of the showcased technology will go into a production-ready car, but we hope we are wrong in this case. 

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