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If you’re a fan of the three-pointed star and have always wanted an SUV smaller than the ML-Class, you’re in luck – you can whip out your chequebook in favour of the new Mercedes-Benz GLA, a compact SUV that is the latest addition to the Mercedes lineup in India.


Available in a petrol and diesel variant, both with 2-litre engines, the GLA 200 is a funky-looking vehicle that is aimed squarely at young, upwardly-mobile buyers (and at existing customers who want an additional Merc). It’s based on the A-Class platform, and it’s just as much fun to drive as the baby in Merc’s fleet, plus it has better interiors to boot.

The petrol variant is the more refined of the two, but it’s the diesel model that has better overall driveability, both in the city and on the highway. Either way, at Rs 32.75 lakh for the entry-level model, going up to Rs 36.9 lakh for the top-end diesel, the GLA provides rather good bang for the buck. Mercedes India should know – it’s received over 600 bookings already.

Take a look at these unmatched features and you’ll know this car is in a class of its own

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