It’s not everyday that you get to the opportunity to test-drive the new and spectacular Tesla Cybertruck. But when you’re Jay Leno, these opportunities come to you. While a lot of us can only dream to get behind the wheel of a Cybertruck, Jay Leno lived that reality by taking the truck out for a spin, along with Elon Musk riding shotgun to give him company.

American studio CNBC released a seven-minute teaser for the upcoming episode of Jay Leno’s Garage. While the clip shows Leno doing a bunch of other cool activities, the ride along with Elon Musk had to be the highlight. The episode will show Leno test-driving the Cybertruck and ask Musk questions about the unique and futuristic vehicle.

The teaser clip shows the two discussing what are the production changes that will be made to the car and share other witty dialogues. We also get a sneak-peek at how Leno and Musk try to enter a Boring Company Test Tunnel with the Cybertruck.

Watch the video below: