Honda India Patents Airbag System For Scooters
Honda Might Be Developing An Airbag For Your Scooter

It might come with one of the PCX models

There’s no hiding the fact that Honda revolutionised the scooter market in India. Now, from the looks of it, it seems that the Japanese company isn’t done pushing the envelope just yet. A recent patent filed by the company in India showcases a scooter…with an airbag?


Yes, it does sound a little peculiar at first. However, Honda has been fitting airbags in its motorcycles for a while, with the prime example of this being the 2006 model of the Honda Gold Wing. Back in 2017, the company was working with a with safety systems company called, Autoliv Inc. While details were scarce back then, the company seems to have made significant progress in the last five years.   



Coming back to the patent, the drawing shows an airbag mounted near the handlebars of its PCX models. It seems to be sitting on top of cylindrical housing, which may pack the compressed gas and the airbag itself. According to Autocar India, the technology still seems to be under development, with earlier drawings showing the airbag housing being placed ahead of the handlebar and closer to the rider.   


Of course, the technology will require an array of sensors to gather the data from the accelerometers, which can detect a crash and deploy the safety feature. The first model to feature the technology might be one of Honda’s PCX Maxi-scooter models, which are yet to debut in India. Could this mean Honda might launch the two together? We’ll have to wait and see.   



What’s more notable though is Honda’s two-wheeler division always seems to be upping the ante when it comes to technology. Only recently, the manufacturer was in the news for supposedly developing a new hub motor for one of its upcoming e-scooters. Some of you may also remember the self-balancing bike Honda showcased a couple of years back.   


Regardless, if this airbag technology will come to fruition, it will be a much needed feature on Indian two-wheelers, given the ever-rising number of lives claimed due to road accidents.   

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