Jaguar-Land Rover is taking a big leap in sustainability with its new move, and moves closer towards a more environmentally-friendly future.

JLR has confirmed that they will be working with ECONYL nylon to develop their luxurious, high-quality interiors, by using recycled plastics collected from the ocean bed and landfills.

Econyl is a company that comes under Aquafil – a global leader in the synthetic fibres industry. The company specialises in creating materials from a combination of recycled industrial plastic, fabric cuts from clothing manufacturers, fishing net materials from the aquaculture industry and fishing nets recovered from the bottom of the ocean. The collected materials are then chemically treated and further broken down into a raw material, which are used to produce clothing, sportswear and watch straps.

The use of Econyl is the British carmaker’s efforts to offer its customer the “same luxurious feel”, but while reducing the strain on the environment.

We’re hoping other carmakers follow Jaguar-Land Rover’s example, and commit to more sustainable means of production. We all recognise it is the need of the hour, so let’s act before gets too late.