James Bond's Original 1965 Aston Martin DB5 Is Set To Be Auctioned Off
James Bond’s Original 1965 Aston Martin DB5 Is Set To Be Auctioned Off

It appeared in ‘Goldfinger’ and comes equipped with buttons to release oil, nails and fire guns

No one has ever looked at James Bond’s Aston Martin and said, “I would never want to drive that.” The Aston Martins Bond drive are far from regular. To start off, they’re Aston Martins with the perfect mix of sophistication and badassery. To add to that, they’re Aston Martins equipped with concealed tech goodies, contributing to all the badassery. 


And now, you can own all of that. 


The 1965 original James Bond Aston Martin DB5, also known as “the most famous car in the world,” is landing at RM Sotheby’s Monterey Car Week in August to be auctioned off. This particular DB5 is one of only three in the world and was featured in the 1964 classic Sean Connery film, Goldfinger. The car is expected to go for $4 million USD to $6 million USD. 







The best part? It retains all of its tech goodies that were featured in the film, which includes a front and rear hydraulic over-rider rams on the bumpers, a Browning .30 caliber machine gun in each fender, wheel-hub mounted tire-slashers, a bullet-proof screen, in-dash radar tracking scope, oil, nail, smoke screen dispensers, revolving license plates and a passenger-seat ejection system. 












The auction is set to take place between August 15-17 in Monterey, California and will include over 30 Aston Martin models along with other classic cars.

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