Jeremy Clarkson has some good news for you
Jeremy Clarkson has some good news for you

The Top Gear trio are back in action

Fans of the popular BBC motoring show Top Gear woke up to a tweet from the recently sacked presenter Jeremy Clarkson. And everyone has been a lot more cheerful ever since. Clarkson announced that he along with co-presenters James May and Richard Hammond, has commenced shooting for their upcoming, as yet untitled, motoring show on Amazon Prime.


Clarkson was recently fired from the BBC show, after a fracas involving one of the show’s producers caused an uproar amidst BBC executives. Known for his larger than life antics, Clarkson had previously been given a ‘final warning’ following a racist remark made by him off-screen while filming for the show. Recently the online streaming channel Amazon Prime had signed on all three presenters for a £160 million deal.


Here’s the best part though, prior to Clarkson punching his produced in the face, the trio was planning to arrange a shootout between the current three most advanced rivalling hypercars in the world, namely, the LaFerrari, the Porsche 918 Spyder and the McLaren P1. The task had proven difficult since the cars’ respective manufacturers were unwilling to agree to a televised comparison. One of the episodes ended with the trio beseeching the manufacturers to let this happen, or for some rich benefactor to loan them their car(s) for a day. As of this morning, that seems to have happened.





With a skeleton crew, filming for Amazon Prime’s new motoring programme has begun.


— Jeremy Clarkson (@JeremyClarkson) October 7, 2015



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