Lamborghini Makes A Spotify Playlist Tuned To Its V12 Engine
Lamborghini Releases A New Playlist Tuned To The Sound Of Its Engine!

That’s one way of keeping the V12 spirit alive

In a world which is rapidly moving towards silent electric motors, how do you keep the soul of the international combustion engine alive? If you’re Lamborghini you curate not one, but three different playlists which are “tuned” to its powerplants! The Raging Bull from Bolognese has collaborated with music producer Alex Trecarichi to create “the most complete and all-encompassing driving experience.”  


Lamborghini has been in the news quite a lot lately, with the first images of Huracán Sterrato debuting yesterday and the Urus Performante scheduled to launch next week in India. Coming back to the news, the Italian automaker claims its new playlists are intended to “juxtapose the sound of the emotive and unleashed engine with songs tuned scientifically to its roar and vibrations.”  


This was done through a collaborative effort between Lamborghini sound engineers and Trecarichi, who claims that he “utilized Fourier transform,” a mathematical equation that decomposes functions into frequency components.   

Trecarichi said – “This procedure enabled me to find the basic frequencies of the engine coinciding with the three precise phases of its expressiveness: ignition (idling), the 4,000-rpm speed, and maximum power.” In case you’re curious, the V12 motor uses frequencies are 92.50 Hz at idle, 98 Hz at 4,000 RPM, and a higher 103.83 Hz at 8,000 RPM.  

After extracting this data, Trecarichi then included songs that match those frequencies, specific to the V12. The playlist is called “The Engine Songs: V12,” and consists of songs from ICH MORE, Kiasmos, NTO, SUDO, and CatzClaw.   

Mario Mautone, Lamborghini’s Noise Vibration and Harshness Whole Vehicle Coordinator commented on the project saying – “One of the aspects I pay attention to is the harshness of sound that sets Lamborghini apart. It’s that raw, metallic echo which is then embodied in the psychoacoustic experience, the chemical and emotional response to the sound wave that our brains transform into positive emotions and memories. This is why I associate the sound of the V12 with that of a violin: the instrument par excellence of high notes, capable of a crescendo from loudness to sharpness, and quite similar to what is generated by the Lamborghini V12.”  

Other Lambo owners don’t need to feel left behind. The brand has announced that it’ll be developing a playlist specific to the V10 mill from the Huracan and the twin-turbo V8 engine from the Urus, at a later date.   

Image credits: Lamborghini   

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