An off-roading legend was reincarnated in 2020, and Indians can now finally get their hands on it.

The Land Rover Defender first debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2019, and the launch of the vehicle marks the first time it will officially go on sale in the country.

The Defender will arrive in three-door (90) and five-door (110) versions, with the 110 on sale now and the 90 slated to launch in Q1 FY21.

The 2020 Land Rover Defender is being sold in India in four variants – Standard, S, SE, HSE and First Edition. According to Overdrive, the Defender 90 starts from Rs 73.98 lakh and goes up to Rs 84.63 lakh, while the Defender 110’s range begins at Rs 79.94 lakh and rises up to Rs 90.46 lakh.



Defender 90 Variant Pricing

Standard – Rs 73.98 lakh

S – Rs 77.37 lakh

SE – Rs 79.94 lakh

HSE – Rs 83.91 lakh

First Edition – Rs 84.63 lakh


Defender 110 Variant Pricing

Standard – Rs 79.94 lakh

S – Rs 83.36 lakh

SE – Rs 86.64 lakh

First Edition – Rs 89.63 lakh

HSE – Rs 90.46 lakh