The much-anticipated Battista, a pathbreaking all-electric supercar from the Mahindra-owned Automobili Pininfarina, made its debut in California this week. Unveiled just ahead of the annual Monterey Car Week event in the US, the Pininfarina Battista is a smorgasbord of high-end materials and boasts performance figures that have the potential to bring conventional IC-engined supercars to their knees.

To complement its striking design, the Battista features exposed carbon fibre bodywork that’s built at Pininfarina’s manufacturing facility in Cambiano, Italy, forged aluminium alloy wheels, black leather and quilted blue Alcantara upholstery, and twin high-res full-colour digital displays for instrumentation and infotainment, both angled towards the driver for perfect visibility and accessibility.

The aggressive, sporty styling notwithstanding, the Battista’s primary calling card is the sheer power of its performance; it’s four electric motors collectively produce a scarcely believable 1,900 horsepower and 2,300Nm of torque. From a standing start, the Battista gets off the line harder than a Formula 1 car, taking less than two seconds to go from zero to 100kph. No current IC-engine production car in the world can match the Battista’s power and performance figures.

While the Pininfarina e-supercar is all about performance, the range is not too bad either; the Battista is fitted with a 120kWh battery that powers the car’s four electric motors and provides a range of over 500km on a single charge. ‘To see the first production-intent example of our pure-electric hyper GT signals the beginning of an exciting new chapter in its development. This is a hugely rewarding moment, as we count down towards making the first client deliveries later this year,’ says Paolo Dellacha, Chief Product and Engineering Officer, Automobili Pininfarina.

The Battista is a limited-production car and only 150 units will be built, each one being individually hand-crafted at the Pininfarina SpA atelier in Italy. Notably, the car is named after the much-admired Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina, Carrozzeria Pininfarina’s founder, who established his coachbuilding company, in 1930. Today, Automobili Pininfarina is 100% Mahindra-owned and has its headquarters in Munich, Germany. The company aims to be the most sustainable luxury car brand in the world.