Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series Is The Most Powerful Customer Car Ever
Mercedes-AMG’s 744HP GT Track Series Is The Most Powerful Customer Car In The World

The track-only car is limited to 55 units worldwide, and is priced at $405,575

This year marks the 55th anniversary of AMG, the auto brand famously known for giving us some of the best high-performance machines has done something special to mark the occasion. They took the already bonkers Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series and dialled it up, all the way up to 11. 


Called the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series, it is the most powerful customer car from the house of AMG. The track-only car is limited to 55 units worldwide, with each retailing for $405,575. 



Now that’s a lot of money, even for a limited-edition car. So, what makes it so special? For starters, while the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series is based on the Black Series model, the German company has put a lot of work under the hood. Powering it is the same 4.0-litre V8 Biturbo engine, but it has been retuned to make 744hp of power and 850Nm of torque, an increase of 14hp and 50Nm over the Black Series. 



To keep all of this power down, the GT Track Series comes with a Hewland HLS six-speed racing gearbox, along with an adjustable racing differential that can be fine-tuned to your liking. The suspension setup here consists of four-way adjustable Bilstein dampers, which also can be individually adjustable as per high and low-speed settings, for rebound and compression. To make sure you stick to the ground are the 18-inch wheels. Then there are motorsports-grade steel brakes, which come with adjustable brake balance seen on race cars. 


Mercedes-AMG has used a generous amount of carbon fibre on the bonnet, wings and rear apron, to push the weight down to 1,400 kg. The company has also tinkered with the car’s aerodynamics package, which now features a higher downforce front splitter and a revised rear wing. 



Speaking about the safety on offer, the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series comes with 12-mode racing traction control and ABS setup. You also get a full suite of motorsports safety equipment, including a roll cage, a fire suppression system and a hatch in the roof, to escape in case of a crash. 



Don’t expect anything fancy from the interiors. It’s all stripped down for weight saving and safety measures. Even the seats are now replaced with safer bucket seats. The only thing you’ll find here is a steering wheel designed in collaboration with Cube Control and a Bosch DDU 11 Driver Display Unit. 



As we mentioned earlier, the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series will be a limited-run model. In case you do get your hands on one of these, Mercedes will also offer you some additional benefits. This includes a technical training session, engineering support for track days and of course, access to spares. 

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