Nissan Releases Extremely Limited Edition GT-R50 For $1.1 Million
Nissan Releases Extremely Limited Edition GT-R50 For $1.1 Million

Only 50 units will be released to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the legendary car

Whenever you talk of legendary cars, the GT-R is almost always a part of that list. The history and legacy that this car has is truly unmatched, and Nissan is commemorating this 50-year-old legacy by releasing the GT-R50.


Designed by Italy’s Italdesign, the GT-R50 is a product of a hand-in-hand collaboration between the Japanese carmaker and the Italian designer. While Nissan has almost always focused on improving the performance of the GT-R, this time, they decided to pay extra attention to the aesthetics of the car, since this is a milestone release and it couldn’t look like a normal GT-R. That’s where Italdesign comes in. 

The Italian company transformed this rugged beast into a handsome looking piece of machine. It has a clear-cut flowy design while still managing to retain all that original raw GT-R essence. Nissan designer Alfonso Albaisa, referred to the design as having a “car within a car” appearance. 

Now that the design is taken care of, the Nissan team made sure that this handsome beast still had a loud growl. Under that shiny armour, you’ll find the same twin-turbo 3.8-liter V6 engine from the GT-R Nismo. But, while the Nismo’s engine delivers 600 hp, the GT-R50’s engine delivers a whopping 710 hp, more than a 100 hp leap from the original.  To add a personal touch to every unit, each engine, which is made by a separate individual, will bear their signature on it. 

Customers will be able to choose their preferred color combination for the exterior, and will also be able to choose packages that have a variety of colours and materials for the interiors. 

With a price tag of $1.12 Million, the GTR-50 is the most expensive Nissan car ever produced. I guess that’s what it costs to own a part of a legacy. 

(Image Credits – Nissan Website)


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