Pininfarina Battista Becomes The Fastest-Accelerating Road-Legal Car In the World
This Pininfarina Battista Just Did 0-100kmph in 1.79 Seconds!  

It takes 1,250 hours to build one unit of the supercar

A couple of years ago we were blown away by the claimed top speed of the Tesla Roadster. While we’re still waiting for it to actually come out, its crown of being the fastest-accelerating road-legal car in the world has been taken by the Pininfarina Battista. The latest offering from the Mahindra-owned company recently hit the 100kmph mark in just 1.79 seconds!   


For a better perspective, the ICE-powered monster, Bugatti Chiron managed to do the same in 2.3 seconds. But the quick 0-100kmph wasn’t the only highlight here. The Battista managed to hit a tops-speed of 349kmph, hitting the 200kmph mark in 6 seconds and the 300kmph mark in 12 seconds.   



Powering all of this are four electric motors, which produce a combined output of 1926PS and 2300Nm of torque. Its 120kWh battery comes sourced from Rimac and offers a charge of 476km on a single top-up. The company claims, it can be charged from 20 percent to 80 percent in merely 25 minutes.   



Stopping it from launching into space are 390mm Brembo carbon ceramic brakes, which can come to a complete halt from 100kmph in just 101 feet. As one can guess, the Battista isn’t a mass-production vehicle. The company claims it takes over 1,250 hours to build one unit, and only 150 units of the car will be ever made, each retailing for 2.2 million euros.   



While speaking about the Battista GT’s world record achievements and design, Automobili Pininfarina Chief Product and Engineering Officer Paolo Dellacha said, “I am proud that our new electric hyper GT delivers on the promises we made when we set out our development plan. In Battista, we have achieved performance beyond our original, extreme targets. Perfectly optimized weight distribution and low center of gravity are at the heart of this result. The combination of bespoke chassis and suspension tuning, tires proven over many thousands of test miles, and four-motor torque vectoring delivering unprecedented power enables Battista to be the fastest accelerating road-legal car in the world.” 

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