Porsche is one of the few German carmakers who can boast of a rich racing legacy. Today, they want to celebrate that legacy by releasing a range of posters that proudly show off some of the Porsche’s best moments from its glorious racing era, while also rethinking them in a futuristic environment.

Porsche has teamed up renowned, automotive print webstore Automobilist, to uniquely recreate three legendary Porsche cars, and placing them in a futuristic racing scenario. The result, is a collection of six eye-catching posters.



The posters feature classic Porsche race cars like the 917 KH, Carrera 356 SL, and the 911 RSR in enthralling high-speed settings like Le Mans, Daytona and even planet Mars.



Pavel Turek, CEO, Automobilist, said, “This project with Porsche allowed us to show our more creative side, with the crazy ideas of racing on the moon and Mars. I have extensive experience with ‘look ahead’ projects including the very first zero-gravity flight for a Formula 1 car. We strongly believe that the boundary between driving and flying will be blurred in the future, and whilst imagining that future was fun thanks to Porsche, just imagine its implications for the world of motorsports and racing.”

The stunning range of posters are available now, and you can buy them by clicking HERE.